Garden ガーデン




This is where I'm supposed to put the seed... But there's no dirt in this pot. ここが種を入れるところだね…でも土が入ってない。
-----+seed +種
Time to put the seed in the planter. プランターに種をいれよう。
There's no dirt in this pot. Will the seed really grow like this? 土が入ってないよ。 これで本当に育つのかな?
-----+dirt +土
user, I need to put in the seed first before I put in the dirt. user, 土を入れる前に種をいれないと
--- -----
I hope this helps you grow, little seed. これでキミが育ってくれるといいんだけど。
The seed's in the soil, but it looks a bit dry. 種は土に埋めたけどまだ乾いてるね。
-----+tube of water +管に入った水
Good thinking, user! いい考えだねuser!
Water should help this seed grow. 水をあげれば育つからね。
Hmm... the dirt's nice and moist now, but... うーん…土に水はあげたけど…
What if it dries out? There's only so much water from thes little tube... 乾いちゃったらどうしよう?水はこれだけしかないし…
...I'll hold on to the tube for now, just in case... …この管は念のため持っておこう…
-----+medicated water +薬品入りの水
Good thinking, user! This water should really help this seed grow. いい考えだねuser! これならよく育ってくれるね
It sprouted a tiny leaf! 小さな芽が出てきたよ!
--- -----
Good luck, little plant! 元気に育ってね!