読者です 読者をやめる 読者になる 読者になる












I'm a little tired from walking. ちょっと歩き疲れちゃった
Is it alright if I take a nap? 少し寝てもいい?
-----No -----だめ
Ah, well... I suppose there's more to do. そう…まだやることがあるかな。
-----Yes -----いいよ
user? Are you still there? そこにいる?user?
Yes. はい
Ah. I'm awake. 起きたよ。
I had a dream just now. 夢を見たんだ。
I saw 私も見たよ。
You did? Wow! userも!?
….I...I really thought I was back home ぼくは…本当に家に帰ったのかと思ったよ。
Oh, the sun back in my home world isn't a lightbulb. It's a big ball of fire in the sky! 僕の故郷の太陽は電球じゃないんだ。空に大きな火の玉があるんだよ!
I don't think I would be able to hold it like I do with the sun from your world... userの世界みたいに手に持つことは出来ないかな。
This isn't my world. ここは私の世界ではないよ。
Huh? え?
This isn't the world I live in. ここには住んでいない。
Really? ...ah, I guess not. If you're the god of this world, you wouldn't necessarily be in it. そうなんだ?そうだよね、この世界の神様ならこんな風になってないよね。
What's your home world called? あなたの世界はなんていうの?
--------Earth. 地球。
Earth? Like, the stuff on the ground? …Wait, do you live underground? 地球?地面にあるやつ?… 地下に住んでるの?
--Yes --はい
--No --いいえ
Ah, neither do we! But shrews and field mice and stuff do. ボク達もだよ!ネズミとかは違うけどね。
--------That's a secred. 秘密。
I see... そうなんだ…
Does your world have a sun? あなたの世界に太陽はある?
--------Yes, it's also a ball of fire. こっちも太陽も火の玉だよ。
Really? Wow! Can you hold it? ホントに!持てるの?
… That was a silly questin, wasn't it... …そんなわけないか…
--------I can't tell you that. 教えられない。
Oh... そう…
The sun in my home world is very bright. Warm, too! You saw, right? 太陽はとっても明るくて、温かいんだよ!見たでしょ?
But it goes away sometimes, at night. Everything gets dark, kinda like how this world is now 夜になるとどこかに行っちゃうんだ。今のこの世界と同じくらい暗くなるんだよ。
But it's okay because the sun always comes back the next day. That's good, don't you think? でも大丈夫、次の日には戻ってくるんだ。すごいでしょ?
--------Yeah. うん
Do you sleep during the night? 夜の間は寝てる?
We go to sleep, usually. But some people stay up and use computers! 僕たちは大体寝てるけど、夜更かししてコンピュータを使ってる人もいるんだ!
I... don't have to explain what they are, do I? There's a bunch of them in this world! 何をしてるかは言わないほうが…いいかな?世の中には色んな人がいるからね!
An-anyway, we should probably get going... んーとにかく、そろそろ行かなきゃ…








I'm a little tired from walking. ちょっと歩き疲れちゃった
Is it alright if I take a nap? 少し寝てもいい?
-----No -----いいえ
Ah, well... うん…
I suppose there's more work to do. まだやることがあるかな。
-----Yes -----はい
user, I had another dream! user,また夢を見たよ!
Did you see this one too? あなたも見た?
-----Yeah -----うん
I was in a big field, like the one in my last deram... 広いとこのいてね、前に見た夢みたいな…
And … I saw my village! …but then I woke up. それで…ボクの村を見たんだ!…でもそこで起きちゃった。
Sign... はぁ…
Ah, I don't think this world has anything like that... I mean, bit wheat fields! この世界にはあんなのは無いだろうなぁ… あ、小麦畑のことだよ!
The only big plants I've seen here are a bunch of weird trees. And those balls of moss floating in the water... ここでみた大きな植物は変な木と浮いてるコケぐらいだし…
Wait, is moss even a plant...? いや、コケって植物なのかな・・・?
… …Say, have you seen a wheat field before, user? ……うん、userは小麦畑を見たことある?
-----Yes -----ある
Oh! They're really pretty, aren't they? とっても可愛らしいよね?
-----No -----ない
Ah... welll... They're really pretty! They look like- そうなんだ…とっても可愛いらしいんだ!あれはね-
Wait... you just saw one in my dream... あっ…夢の中で見たって言ってたか…
The one around my village goes around for miles! 村の周りに一面に広がってるんだ!
The palnts are really tall, sometimes I can't even see through them! When it's windy out, the wind can make waves in it. とっても背が高くて、向こう側が見えないときもあるんだ! 風が吹くと波が立ってね。
It's like an ocean... …of food! まるで海みたいだよ…食べ物の海!
Oh, wait, but there's food in regular oceans too... Like fish , or crabs! あ、でも普通の海にも食べ物はあるね…魚とかカニとか!
I've never actually been to a real ocean until now, actually... 今まで実際海を見たことないけど…
-----Me neither. -----私も
-----I've been to the ocean. -----海に行ったことがあるよ
That's really cool, user! I've only seen the ocean on TV before. すごいね、user! ボクは前にテレビで見たことがあるだけだよ。
I never thought I'd get to ride a boat through one! The water back home doesn't have glowy stuff like how it is here, either! ボートで海を渡るなんて考えもしなかったよ!光ってるものも故郷の村にはなかったし!
Ah... but I guess it's because the world is already so dark... …でもたぶんこの世界がすでに真っ暗だからね
...Y'know, I used to be scared of the dark, user! It' a little hard to imagine that now, after spending so much time here... …前は暗いのが怖かったんだuser! 長い間ここで過ごしたし、今じゃ想像できないけど…
But not long ago, I couldn't even go to sleep without a lamp... でも少し前は明かりがないと寝れなかったんだ…
-----Me too. -----私も
-----It's good you got over that. -----怖くなくなってよかったね。
I guess! Otherwise I wouldn't last long here... そうだね!じゃないとここに長い間居られないし…
Then again. I've been carrying around the sun, so it's not too bad! でも太陽を持ってるのも悪くないよ!
And also, I don't feel scared at all with you guiding me! So... thanks for that! それにあなたもガイドしてくれてるし怖くない!感謝してるよ!
Anyway, maybe we should head out now, user... とにかく、そろそろ行かなきゃね、user








I'm a little tired from walking. ちょっと歩き疲れちゃった
Is it alright if I take a nap? 少し寝てもいい?
user? I had another deram... user?また夢をみたよ…
Mama was there. Did you see her? ママがいたんだ。userも見た?
-----Yes -----Yes
She made me pancakeds! I... think it was my birthday. パンケーキを作ってくれたんだ! たぶん…ボクの誕生日だと思う。
Cuz people always get their favorite food on their birthday! A whole lot of it! 誕生日にはみんな大好物を食べるんだ!たっくさんね!
Do you have a birthday, too? userにも誕生日はある?
-----Yes -----Yes
Oh! Then... what's your favorite food? Is it pancakes? じゃあ…好きな食べ物は何?パンケーキ?
Wait, Do you like pancakes? パンケーキは好き?
-----No -----No
I see... Makes sense, since you're a god! そうなんだ…そうだよね、神様だもん!
So... do you like pancakes too? …userもパンケーキは好き?
-----Yes -----Yes
Me too! On my last birthday, I ate ten of them. 同じだね!前の誕生日なんて10個も食べたんだよ!
I was so full I didn't eat anything else that day... その日は他に何も食べられなかったよ…
-----No -----No
Ah... Well, they're tasty! Maybe you should give them a chance, y'know? …とっても美味しいよ!食べてみない?
My mama makes the best pancakes! And some of the nighbors make really good noodles, ママのパンケーキは世界一なんだ!近所の人たちも美味しいヌードルを作ってくれて。
And oh! One of our neighbors make a lot of bread. Do you have any neighbors? あ!パンを沢山作ってくれた人もいたよ。userはご近所さんはいる?
-----Yes -----Yes
Oh! Do they share their food with you? おすそ分けしてくれる?
-Yes -Yes
-No -No
That's not very nice of them... そうなんだ・・・
-----No -----No
Oh... That souds a bit lonely. ちょっと寂しいね。
Our neighbors and my mama take turns making food for the whole village each day. ご近所さんとママは毎日交代で村中に食べ物を作ってあげてたんだ。
Everyone also takes turns doing chores and watching the little kids! みんなも交代で家事をしたり、小さい子を見てあげてたよ!
I don't need to be watched anymore, though. I'm old enough to help out! ボクはもう見てもらってなかったからね。手伝ってあげられるくらい大きかったし!
… I miss everyone. …みんなに会いたい。
I've been gone for a while now, haven't I? I wonder if they're worried about me... ボクが居なくなってからしばらく経ったよね? みんな心配してるかなぁ…
Ah, speaking of helping out, we should probably go now. 手伝うと言えば、ボク達ももう行かないとね。







I'm a little tired form walking. ちょっと歩き疲れちゃった。
Is tit alright if I take a nap? 少し寝てもいい?
-----yes -----yes
Hey.... user? ねぇ…user?
I guess... you saw my dream? ボクの夢…見えたよね?
-----yes -----yes
It was... あれは…
….. ……
Come on, let's go... 行こう…