Ruins 遺跡






Heya! やあ!
You here to trade? トレードしにきたのかい?
Trade? トレード?
Yeah! Is there anything you want to get rid of? ああ!要らないものはない?
Make me an offer and I'll give you something in return! 何かあれば交換するよ!
Hm... Do we have something like that, user? うーん…何かあるuser?
user, no... user、だめだよ…
I don't think it's right to trade this away, user... これはトレードしちゃダメだと思うよuser…
Oh hey! You have one of those coin things! おお!コインだね!
I've dug up a couple of these before, 前に2,3個掘り出したことがあるよ。
Oh? うん?
Yeah! There's this guy who would trade me the BEST things for them. それと素晴らしい物を交換してくれる男がいるんだ。
Oh? へえ?
Like, one time he brought me this little machine that plays music! 前はこの音楽が鳴る機械を持ってきてくれたんだ!
I don't know what it's called, but you have to wind it up... なんて呼ばれているか分からないけど、これを巻く必要があって…
Music box? ミュージックボックス?
That's it! それだ!
I wish that guy come back soon, I haven't seen him in forever. 早く来て欲しいなぁ、もうずっと見てないよ。
I wanna do more trades with him! また彼とトレードできたらいいな!
+strange journal  
Wait, trade this? え?これをトレードするの?
Don't you want to find out what it says first, user? なんて書いてあるか知りたくないの、user?
What's that A book? その本はなんだい?
Uh, not sure if I wanna take books, I can't read! あー、読めないし遠慮しておくよ!
I'm not trading that, user! これはトレードしないからね、user!
You're not trading what? 何をトレードしないって?
What's that? A feather? これは?羽?
Mhm! うん!
Wait... Oh my stars! まてよ…これは!
That is NOT “a” feather! ただの羽じゃない!
That is a feather from the late Prophet! 預言者の羽だ!
Probably one of the most sacred item there is! 最も神聖なアイテムの一つだよ!
How in the WORLD did you get a hold of THAT? 一体どうやって手に入れたんだい?
...Wait, I guess it would make sense for you to have one. …うん、そうだった、キミは救世主なんだから。
Y'know, with you being the savior and all. 持っていてもおかしくないか。
Um... okay. Um... okay.
The seed left behind by the plant lady? あの女の人が残した種?
Oh, but what's like... her baby... うん、でももし…これが彼女の…赤ちゃんだったら?
I can't give away someone's baby like that! 誰かの赤ちゃんをあげることなんてできないよ!
Especially not to a bird... 特に鳥には…
...hey! …おい!
+tube of water  
how about tube full of water I god from a robot? これはどうかな…ロボットから貰った水の入ったガラス管?
Do you like glass? ガラスは好き?
Do I! もちろん! you? そうなんだ?
I LOVE glass! 大好きさ!
SO much. とってもね。 much that I have too much glass and not enough other things. …とってもいっぱい持っててね、他の物が欲しくて。
I gotta get rid of some of my old bottles and vials to make room for new stuff! 古いボトルやビンを少し処分して部屋を新しくしたいんだ。
That's why I set up a tradespost in the first place. それが最初にトレードポストを始めた理由さ。
So I guess that's a no-go... じゃあいらないよね…
I think I have something I'd like to trade! トレードして欲しい物があったよ!
You'll take wool, right? ウールだね?
What can this wool get me? これだと何と交換できるの?
Wool,huh? ウールかぁ。
That'll get you … This fine vial of 交換できるのは…この…
I'm not sure what this is, acturally! Some sort of fabrid dye? 実はこれ何だかよく知らないんだけど、布の塗料かな?
Hmm... How about it, user? うーん…どうするuser?
-----Take the offer -----交換する
-----Ehh... -----えー…
Wait user... you want to... haggle? もしかして…交渉してほしいの?
...really? …ほんとに?
Alright then... わかったよ…
user said they wanted a better offer! userがもっといいものがないかって!
...holy smokes! …ああ!
Forgot I was doing a trade with god for a second there... 神様も一緒だったことを忘れてたよ…
Okay, okay... 分かった、えーと…
In that case, I'll also throw in this commemorative T-shirt! それならこの記念品のTシャツをオマケで付けるよ!
Uh... うーん…
-----Yes -----Yes
Pleasure doing business! またよろしく頼むよ!
-----No -----No
Oh well, then. Come back anytime. わかった、また気が変わったらきてくれ。
+bottle of dye  
Hey! I just gave that to you! ええ!今交換したばかりじゃないか!
What, you wanna trade it back? やっぱり返してほしいのかい?
Not really... そうでもないけど…
Good, cuz I wasn't gonna! よかった、私もそのほうが嬉しいよ!
+novelty T-shirt  
I ain't takin that back!  
The shepherd was handing those out a while ago.  
But does it LOOK like it'll fit me?  
T-Shirts aren't exactly made for people with wings!