Courtyard 中庭






Hey! おーい!
I saw you going to the courtyard! So I thought I'd tag along! 中庭に行くのが見えたから一緒に行こうと思って!
Same! 僕も!
This is the courtyard. ここが中庭だよ。
It's got water...and...stuff... 水とかね…色々…
There's an entrance to an underground passage here. 地下への入り口になっているんだ。
It's flooded, though. 水浸しになってるけどね。
Niko? ニコ?
Niko? What's wrong? ニコ?どうしたの?
Huh? え?
You looked like you were about to faint! 気を失ってたみたい。
It happened again... まただ…
Earlier I was in the Barrens area, and I kind of... saw something? Barrensに居た時にも同じことがあって、何か…見えたんだ。
It was like a deram, but only for a split second... 夢みたいな、でも一瞬なんだ…
A vision? もしかして、ヴィジョン?
Vision? ヴィジョン?
Like something a prophet would see. 預言者が見るものだよ。
Whoa! ええ!
I mean, if you can talk to user, it would make sense, right? userに聞いたら分かるんじゃないかな?
I... guess? そう…かな?
...or not, I don't know. I've only read about it before. そうでもないかなぁ、僕は前に読んだことがあるだけなんだ。
Oooh... うーん…
Anyway, what is this place? ところで、この場所はなに?
It looks like it used to lead somewhere. どこかへ続いてたみたいだけど。
Yeah, the sacred grounds! うん、聖なる場所へ続いているんだ!
It's been a while since we went there... 前に行ってから大分経つよ…
We don't have a way getting there now, remember? 今は行けないだろう?
There isn't a boat and none of us can swim, and... ボートもないし泳げないんだから…
What's... the sacred grounds? 聖なる場所って?
It's where our people are buried, 私達が眠っている場所さ
Sometimes we go there to visit mom! Well, her grave, anyway, 時々ママに会いに行くの!お墓にね。
Oh... そうなんだ…
-wait, how do you get there? I thought you said there isn't a boat? あれ、でもどうやって行くの?ボートはないんだよね?
Oh, our friend helps us! 友達が手伝ってくれるの!
He has some sort of machine that allows him to fly. 彼は空を飛ぶ機械をもっているんだ。
Sometimes he takes us along! 乗せていってくれるんだ!
But like I was about to say, we haven't seen him around for a while. でもしばらく見ていないんだ。
I wonder when he'll come back? I wish we could go see mom again... いつ戻ってくるんだろう?またママに会いに行きたいな…
Come on, Alula, let's go back to the courtyard now. 行こうアルラ、中庭に戻ろうか。
Okay! うん!
Oh, are you leaving now? もう行くの?
Good luck Niko! We believe in you! 頑張ってねニコ!信じてるよ!
Oh, are you leaving now? もう行くんだね?
It was...nice, to meet you, Really. Thanks for everything. 色々とありがとう。会えて本当に良かったよ。